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TRL Synthetics

The Right Choice in Synthetic Lubricants

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Welcome to TRL Synthetics
(formerly Red River Synthetics):
Your source for products since 2002

Have   products shipped directly to your doorstep: AMSOIL Online Store
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AMSOIL products reduce friction, reduce wear, and help to reduce overall maintenance costs.
AMSOIL fills all of you lubricant and filtration needs with their wide range of products.
Whether you need engine oil for your car/truck, gear lube for your differential, two-stroke oil, ATF, filters, or even cleaners and maintenance items, there is more than likely an AMSOIL product to fit your needs.
There are many options to explore when you want to purchase AMSOIL products.

Explore the site to find out how to buy AMSOIL products online. There is also information on how to buy at wholesale prices by becoming a Dealer or Preferred Customer. You will also find out how to sign your business up as a Commercial account or how to get AMSOIL products on your shelf as a Retail-Off-The-Shelf account.
TRL Synthetics
The Right Choice in Synthetic Lubricants
Tom and Robyn Lawrence
T-1 Certified
Independent AMSOIL dealer #1104900
Fargo, ND