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As a skeptic and wanting my own performance numbers, I put my pickup to the test. I drove from Fargo down to Watertown, SD to see Andy Wicks of Dynotune, Inc. Dynotuneusa and put my 1996 F-150 on the dyno for a before and after test. I swapped over all of the fluids in the drivetrain, keeping oil and gear lube viscocities the same.
Needless to say we both were impressed with the results; I picked up a solid 5 horsepower and 9 ft/lb of torque increase in peak-to-peak numbers! Averages also went up 6hp and 8 ft/lb!
I topped off my fuel tank before I left Fargo, filled up right as I got there, topped off before I left, and finally filled up back where I started. I had the same driving conditions going down and coming back from Watertown. The result of my fuel mileage test: an increase of 1.2 mpg!
Not only did I pick up more power, I also got better fuel mileage as well!

                           Before AMSOIL                                                                 After AMSOIL